Saturday, January 19, 2008

A very old page

I started working on this around March of 06. Then they ended up in my scrap bag to be finished, er, ignored until tonight. Now they're done and can be put in an album for kids to enjoy. Yippee!


Martha said...

WOW Denise!!!!!!!!!
TZ clued me in to your blog and the challenge you've taken on. I'm totally blown would be hard enough to update my blog daily but to update with some scrapbook layout...well that's like double wow!

Keep going...we're counting on you to meet the challenge (me? I'm just thrilled to have done 6 pages, 3 double-page spreads since January.)

Great to see you again after so many years at TZ's ornament exchange I sat across the room, yes the memories came back and I am reminded how far we've all come since those early days of support groups!

Average Scrapper said...

Thanks, Martha! If I succeed in completing the challenge, I expect this blog will lie dormant until Spring Break. I normally don't do any scrapping when I'm in school, but last semester I did 1 digital page per week and it definitely helped my sanity.

It was good to see you too. I have become a great deal more laid back about Sam's development as he's grown and matured. There really ought to be a "mom of older kids" mentoring set up to help the newly diagnosed and frantic moms. I bet it would be useful.