Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And back to paper

I had written the journaling for this a couple of months ago. I woke up with this crazy idea to write down as many of my daughter's quirks as I could. While it's definitely not the most decorative page out there, I am happy with the result:

In case you're snoopy (I know I am -- I always like to read people's pages), here is the journaling:

27 November 2007

Dear Rose,

Even though you’re three now, you are still growing and developing at a rapid clip. Here are some of the funny things you do today that might be gone tomorrow.

You go to sleep with a little piece of scotch tape on one hand. It makes you happy. I don’t know why.

You like to nap in my bed on my outstretched arm.

You color on everything in the house, even though I know you know better.

You love the TV show “Word World” and watch it every day after lunch.

You are constantly pretending. You boss the rest of us around as pawns in whatever you’re acting out.

You love wearing lip gloss.

You still sleep like a little baby, with your arms up high over your head.

Your sandwich preferences go in spurts. First it’s a week of peanut butter and honey, followed by a week or more of tuna fish.

You think macaroni and cheese is the best kind of meal.

You hide from me and call me a burglar when I come home from school.

You are sweet and fun and I love you. Whoops, those are the things that don’t change.




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