Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 14

This is a digital page with elements by Kay Miller. I've been working out since September and wanted to document my good progress. I definitely prefer using a word processor for these journaling intensive pages, but I really didn't want to pay for a panoramic print of myself when I could pay about the same to print the whole dang page. Did I mention I'm cheap?


tz said...

so do you mix your digital pages in with your regular pages or do you have a seperate book for those?

really liked the rock climbing page below!!!

and i wouldn't want a panoramic photo of myself...but not because i'm cheap..but because i'm a bit panoramic naturally..hahaha i crack myself up.

Average Scrapper said...

I have the digital pages printed at Costco and slide them into page protectors along with my regular pages. Neat, huh?

Re: panoramic individuals and photos, that's why it was vertical. Sheesh!

How have the first days of school gone for you? I still need to do my reading for patho before I head to bed. At least my page is done for the day. How's that for prioritization? ;)