Saturday, January 26, 2008

If I had 365 penguins ...

This is a digital page that uses stuff from Kay Miller's Arctic Antics kit. I did something unheard of (for me, at least) and asked my daughter to pose a certain way for the photo. This had been a school assignment and I loved her crazy ideas (though I have my reservations about her willingness to invite polar bears) so I wanted the picture to show a little goofy thoughfulness. And it worked! I also used a transparency brush on the background of her photo to blend it with the black paper, which is a style I've never used before and wasn't terribly fond of, but I like the results.

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Seth and Carrie said...

I think the page is okay....but the little girl in the picture is Beautiful!!!!! Can I steal her away sometime soon and make a Mego-Burrito? : )