Monday, January 21, 2008

Ahh, back to digital

This is only one side of the LO. I'm still fiddling with the group pictures. While I'm still fairly new to digital, I just love how quickly I can size and resize the pictures and elements. It's helpful for those pages when you just need to mess around with photos until you get the placement right. And unlike doing that on paper, it costs nothing to rearrange. Patterned paper and cardstock are from Michelle Underwood, Sarah Van Dyke and Serena Thomas all at Scrapbook Bytes. The circle journaling spot is from Kay Miller. I use the Franklin Gothic font again. It's got a little more flair than Arial and isn't as boring as Century Gothic. I seem to be using it a lot lately.

I can't believe there are only 10 challenge days left. I realized this morning that I could probably plan out the remaining pages so they'd come together quickly. But the kids were home from school and I played with them instead, so maybe that kind of organization will come later. Still, I'm shocked at how quickly the month has gone and how productive I managed to be.


tz said...

is your one a day page challange for janurary only or the whole year?

Average Scrapper said...

Yes, it's only for January. The thought of doing this for an entire year makes me want to commit seppuku. I have really enjoyed getting so many pages done, but I am letting too many other things slide so I can have my nightly pre-bed crop. So I'll suck it up and be an adult who goes back to occasional scrapping in February.