Friday, January 11, 2008

Cutting it close

I didn't start this page until about 10:20 tonight. In the process, I reminded myself of a few cardinal rules:

1. If you think the page needs one more thing, it's time to walk away. It doesn't.

2. If you decide to add one more thing, it will go badly. (It did.)

3. Late nights are never the time to set snaps with the Cropadile when you haven't set any for at least 8 months.

4. If you really insist on adding one more thing, you'd better be darned sure you can cover it with something else when it goes badly. (Note the strip of patterned paper across the bottom of the page. Does it look a little wrinkly? Huh. That must be from the snap I tried to cover and when it didn't work, I had to peel the paper back and rip out the misplaced snap with reckless abandon.)

Paper is from Rob and Bob (handy packet available at Hobby Lobby) and the snaps are from Making Memories. The font is Arial.

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