Sunday, June 15, 2008

A couple more pages

I was given a crop night as my birthday present, so here are a few of the pages I made. The others are missing tidbits, so I'm waiting to post them in their fully completed glory.

The birthday pages are not from any of the sketch classes. I put together 3 class pages in the same amount of time this took (which makes me think hard about incorporating more sketches instead of starting from scratch -- triple the productivity!). I have been struggling with the photo placement on these for awhile. My daughter really wanted her butterfly cake on the page, but it was on a bright foil background and clashed with all the other photos and papers. I bugged my fellow scrappers and store employees for ideas and someone recommended cutting it out. That made a world of difference. The little trail coming from the butterfly is part of a big crystal swoosh by Prima. It is much sparklier and pretty in real life. So's the entire layout. I tried scanning at a high resolution and still got those dark photos and garish colors. Maybe my scanner is ageing badly. I hope not.

This is from the Baker's Dozen class. I am really enjoying the concept of the class. Put decorative supplies in 12 little egg cartons and mix them with the dozen or so photo collections that you've put together. The pages come together quickly and not because you are lowering your standards!

This is my daughter with my dad. There were some funny photos leading up to this one, but his reaction to her finger placement is a hoot.

I have 4 more class pages that are nearly ready to post, so there will be more soon. Just this week, I will get 5 new sketches/assignments in the classes. Funny how just a little bit of direction can get your mind moving. I am happy to get these done!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's this? Our hero made a LO?!

Yes, yes, I did. It's based on the Baker's Dozen class currently going on at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I signed up for it in a fit of insanity, but it looks like it will pay off. Page #2 is already prepped and ready for assembly, but I'm going to go to bed and finish it tomorrow.

The Sketch 101 class is going well. I've got photos selected and printed for the first 2 sketches, but this page looked like more fun. My daughter selected the patterned paper. Strangely enough, it's what I had sitting to use on Page #2, so you'll be seeing reruns tomorrow. At least it's a different kid in that picture. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Summer Vacation

involves this:

I waffled and debated about joining this and finally decided to do it. I like interacting with people in online classes, but I wasn't sure I felt like going along with the sketches. I am full of scrappy ideas lately (a direct result of cleaning out my scrap cupboard and finding tons of cute older pictures) and I don't want to put aside those ideas because the photos don't fit the assigned sketch. I'll see how it goes. I'll post the results here.