Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 more after this!

Then I will have completed the challenge I never thought I could do. Whew!
This is the page I thought I would do back on Day 3 or so. The pictures were matted, the journaling was written and I was completely stumped on a design. So I put it all in a storage thingie (BTW, these are the sturdiest I have found) and moved on to other things. One of the big benefits of commiting to a page a day has been the way I have to let something go when it's not working. Instead of beating my head against the wall when I get stumped, I move on. It's not my natural tendency, but it seems to be effective. So in addition to all the pages I got done, I'm very happy that I've learned some things about the way I scrap and that's going to help me with every future page. Cool, huh?


John-E-Boi said...

"Storage Thingie" that's a technical term...right?

Average Scrapper said...

Of course.