Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Halfway there! (and the improved autism page)

Here's the updated autism page. I really like the way the stars pick up the colors and loosely fill that boring white space.

Our beloved cat died this summer at the ripe old age of 17. I found this fabulous picture of her a few weeks later. I've been waiting to scrap it in a way that did her justice. As I've been working on this challenge, I've learned that I really scrap best if I freewrite out my journaling ahead of time. Once I've got an idea of how much space the journaling will take, I can work on designing the rest of the page. After I'd put my thoughts on her hunting skills down, this page came together pretty easily. Except for the little detail of running out of room and having nowhere to put the patterned paper that had inspired the entire color scheme! My cute little corner slot punch came to the rescue. And you don't need to be told that I hacked out the entire center of the background so I can use it on a future page, right? You're so smart!


tz said...

i think your priorities are right on! get those scrap pages done while you can!

let's see i read all day yesterday and today i was up at four for some more reading...that's how school is going...read read read and i've only been to one class! and it was only half a day!

love this page!
i have one friend who only digital scrapbooks and another who only does the homemade stuff...I think I like your combo idea...but i'm a fence sitter myself, hahaha

Average Scrapper said...

Good luck staying awake for all the reading! I worked on patho earlier this evening, which is how I could justify scrapping tonight.