Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm hiding this from the kids

I found this photo yesterday while looking for some Christmas pics. My son had a real thing for tape measures when he was little, but I only got one picture of him playing with it. So I sniffled my way through the journaling and decided I'll put it in an album just for me. I think this is the most time-consuming LO I've done for the challenge, probably because getting my son diagnosed was a fairly emotional time and also because I spent so very long on the journaling. And then I fussed with the font sizing and placement until I was satisfied. That took awhile. I still think the page needs something, but none of my embellishments really scream developmental disorder and I like my embellies to support the theme. I may take these pages shopping with me and see if I find anything at my LSS.


tz said...

that is a great page denise! so i see you haven't been sitting on your hind end and watching loads of tv before, say, ME...hahaha you do really nice stuff!

Average Scrapper said...
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Average Scrapper said...

Did I say I wasn't watching TV? Heck no, I am watching TV with an unopened card table plopped across my bed so I can scrap easily and catch up on last semester's shows. I think the card table is the best scrap invention I've ever used.

Thanks for the compliments. I'm pretty happy with how these have been turning out.