Friday, January 4, 2008

Still going

This one's a digital page that I made using a template from Sarah Van Dyke. The papers and embellishment are from Ursula Schneider. The font is called English and must have been a freebie because it didn't have any initials at the beginning of the name.

You might think that I am losing steam because I'm slapping together digital pages, but you would be wrong. :) Today I pulled out my little Xyron PCS and cut letters for a school page, rooted through embellishments looking for something pool-oriented and put together a kit for a Halloween page. Hmm, I guess that means I'm ready for 3 pages on Day 4 of the challenge. Wasn't this what I wanted to avoid? Oh well, I am sure that after school starts back up again, I will be too deep in the throes of chemistry or pathophysiology to think much about scrapbooking choices. Those pre-thought-out pages will come in mighty handy around the 25th!

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