Saturday, May 24, 2008

One leftover finished

This is from the NSD crop. I finally got a title I was happy with. It's simple, but very appropriate, especially since my son's car did terribly in the actual racing. He didn't care. He clapped and cheered for each race. He was a great sport the whole night. I was impressed.

It's really on a cream colored background, but my scanner read it as white. The paper is from a Close To My Heart pack that's a couple of years old.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I made $45 at the garage sale!

I'm good with that. I have more space on my bookshelves and I find myself looking more critically at the stuff that is occupying my space. Since the big ticket items didn't sell, I'm going to list them on Ebay this week. I was rarin' to do it Monday morning, but then I realized that the auctions would be ending on Memorial Day. I think Wednesday is more feasible.

I did pick up some fun things at the sale, but for the most part, they were items I'd decided I needed. The fact that I found them for cheap was a pure bonus. So it's not like garbage in, garbage out, and that makes me happy.

I still haven't gotten back to the pages I started on NSD, but that's okay. Now that school's out, I have been taking my scrap bag with me to work on while my son is at Cub Scouts. I should be able to get some good work done this afternoon. As is so often the case, I am plenty motivated, but other obligations prevent me from getting to my fun stuff.

Friday, May 16, 2008

What I'm doing tomorrow

Anxiously hoping my stuff goes bye-bye!

My fabulous LSS is having their first ever garage sale. As it turns out, it will be my first ever time selling off scrappy stuff. I tend to be careful about what I buy so I hang on to it forever. Sometimes I find it wasn't quite what I wanted, but I keep it around in the hopes that I will:
A) discover a use for it, or
B) it will become fantastic if I just wait long enough.

Ever since they announced the sale, I've been looking for things that I could pass along. Too many of my idea books fell into category B -- now they are priced and sitting at the store waiting to inspire somebody else. I can't wait to see how many head off to new homes. The fact that I'm getting store credit is pretty spiffy, too!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

National Scrapbook Day

Just happens to be my LSS's anniversary of their opening date. So they had a big crop and I blew off studying and went. It was fun.

I have a couple more pages that I made, but one needs a title and the other needs a little journaling. I have my last final (the final final?) tomorrow morning and then I can get back to the important stuff, like cleaning my house and scrapping my photos.