Sunday, January 6, 2008

And Day 6

This is the school page that I cut letters for on Friday. My daughter picked her own patterned paper and a different color of cardstock than what I wanted. The more I involve the kids in the design of their pages, the more I have to smile and bite holes in my tongue. I think I was able to pull it together enough and she will always have the pleasure of knowing it was exactly what she wanted. I'm going to put her class picture on an opposing page, but there's really no point posting it on the web since I would have to wipe out all those cute little faces. Just trust me that it will be the same color background and maybe a photo corner or two out of the green print. Picturing it in your mind yet? Okay, great.

BTW, yesterday's and today's pages were both ones that I started mulling over earlier in the week. I am happy to note that I have not done anything more for any other pages. So I guess I've dropped out of my "come up with way more ideas than you can execute" funk. Whew!

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