Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sad, sad day

My beloved LSS has closed. I went in to say goodbye and get a picture. They had just put their Rotatrim out for sale and were calling me to see if I wanted it. Do they know me or what?! Like many other scrappers, I've been on the hunt for a straight cutting trimmer for years. I have a Dahle that does pretty well, but this Rotatrim lets me get even closer to the cutting edge before running out of a place to align my paper. I'm really pleased to have the trimmer/memento.

The store's colors were black and kraft, so I decided to go along with that for my little memorial page. I have a nice group shot of all the employees who were there, but I want to put that on a longer page that lists all the fun stuff we did at the store. My kids were sad about it, too. They held craft days for the kids and all 3 of them have made teacher gifts or ornaments there. Now I'm going to have to plan them here at home.


AK2CO Girl said...

OMG totally impressed you scrapped this already, we'll miss you too.

BeckyButtshaw said...

so sad they closed :( I'm loving all your pages by the way!