Sunday, May 17, 2009

Halfway finished!

I hope this is big enough for all the family members who want to see the pictures. If not, I'll upload the halves in the morning. I swear it didn't look like an amorphous mushroom until I saw the thumbnail.

My 7yo popped into my bedroom tonight and asked what I'd be working on this evening. She approved the photos, then asked what colors I would use. We flipped through a few, then remembered the X and O paper we'd looked at this morning. She liked it and suggested I use red cardstock. Then she asked if we could ever do this together. So we have a scrapbook date planned for Monday after school. She tells me that she may just use photos and leave off the journaling. I said I might be tempted to add the story. She has lovely handwriting, so maybe she'll change her mind.

Last summer, I helped my niece and nephews make little 8x8 albums. I'm excited to scrap with a kid again. They do not sweat sticker placement ever!

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