Monday, March 16, 2009

Not for a scrapbook...

but I felt like showing it off.

The pictures are only 2 weeks old and I picked up the frame at Joann's this morning (half off, go me!). My 7yo wants to paint the frame, but I'll just be pleased if I can get it hung on the wall during Spring Break.

Speaking of, it is Spring Break and I have grand plans. Most of them involve catching up on schoolwork and housework, but I also want to spend at least one evening scrapping. If not, I'll at least get some pages scanned and loaded. I went to a crop a couple of months ago and I'd like to share what I made. It was all part of my time-honored tradition of blowing off studying the weekend before a big test. It paid off when I got a 94 on the first big nursing exam. Failed to crop the weekend before the next one and only got an 88. So you can see that it's in my best interest to spend Saturday night with pictures and paper.

I sincerely hope to post again soon. :)

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