Sunday, October 21, 2007

Results from Saturday's crop

I went to a 2Peas crop Saturday night. It is downright weird to be hanging out with HOF winners, design teams and magazine board members. They were perfectly nice, but a teeny part of me is having this surreal sidebar about how "the" Karen Burniston just complimented my photos. The non-surreal side of me (definitely the predominant side!) recognizes that they are scrappers just like me, except that they have more than my internal pressure to create pretty things. I kinda feel sorry for them. I have a hard enough time creating pages that I can respect myself for. I wouldn't like having to scrapbook for a critical audience.

So here are the pages I completed. I just snapped pictures instead of scanning because I have a lot of schoolwork coming up this week. I also need to make 3 Halloween costumes. Busy, busy.

I had a purely selfish evening of scrapping photos that I love, so there isn't as much journaling as usual because the pictures pretty much tell the story. Most of the time, I am all about the story, so this was a departure. But what the heck, I enjoyed myself and the kids will get a glimpse of how darned cute they were at these ages. I don't think that will hurt their little psyches when they're morose teenagers.

P.S. These are all paper pages.

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tz said...

oh my gosh those are great! I'd be embarrassed to show you mine! you and my friend martha would love each other!